Maritime Consultancy services

More than two decades of on-board and shore experience would bring you the best practical solutions. We deal with all aspects of shipping including repairing & dry docking, Purchasing, Selling, Cargo claims, Surveys, Auditing, vetting etc. We provide special consultancy to Banks and financiers of cargo.

Shipbuilding and repairing contracts

  1. Dry Dock: Planning, Budgeting, Slot Booking.

We have a good relationship with network of Dry Docks in Dubai, Oman, Singapore and China whereby we can assist in Planning, Budgeting, Slot Booking and supervision which can considerably reduce your dry docking cost.

  1. Local workshops in UAE ports: We can guide you to find the best cost effective workshops in all ports of UAE.

Ships buying and selling

  1. Azimuth Maritime Consultancy Service (AMCS) provides assistance in ship buying and selling, pre-purchase surveys, structure evaluation, pre-demolition surveys.


Operating and chartering contracts

  1. Azimuth Maritime Consultancy Service (AMCS) provides assistance in operating and chartering contracts. Pre-charter inspections, bunker surveys & cargo surveys.

Marine pollution damage and claims

  1. Azimuth Maritime Consultancy Service (AMCS) provides assistance in dealing with marine pollution damage and claims. We undertake incidents investigation and provide practical solutions to prevent such re -occurrences by detailed analysis and studies.


Marine debts and guarantees of releasing arrested ships

  1. Azimuth Maritime Consultancy Service (AMCS) provide consultancy service for quick release of arrested ships and clearing of marine debts.

Inspection of ships

We conduct pre-purchase, pre-chartering, pre-demolishing and pre-vetting inspections. We also assists in transfer of class surveys including non-IACS to IACS.


Bank & Financing Companies


We give special consultancy to Banks & Financing organisations to make sure they are safe when financing any cargo purchases. We conduct document verification on site survey to make sure the authenticity of the actual deal and the cargo.